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Dave Walsh plays EVANS drum heads

I'm proud to be a D'Addario UK Artist


Teaching at Leeds College Of Music, UK.

L.C.M. continues to be the largest music student campus in the UK and offers a fantastic new degree with pathways in Jazz, Pop, Classical, Production and Music Business. This offers a fantastic opportunity for any young player and I'm very lucky to be part of a fantastic team of staff who are amongst some of the best players in Europe.

Go check out the Leeds College of Music website for more information.



A big thank you to Mike Donovan at this great web site for everything they he's done to keep the concept of sharing ideas alive and building up a fantastic database of lessons. If you haven't been, check em out. It's got everything about drumming from Repairs to Soloing and The Buzz Roll to Tango.

"Thanks Mike", for your tireless efforts in the expansion of drumming ideas and philosophy.


best website stats